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Welcome to North Bay Games and Hobbies

    Within the links to our site, you will find a wide variety of items carried in the store.  Not everything is listed on the web site, such as role playing, Games Workshop, models and card games, but don't let that stop you from browsing the various areas of the site.  Click on a link in above.

     If you are interested in ordering anything, either items listed on the web site or other things, please call Terry at the above number or email him.

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31 Aug 15

Our sale of instock Miniatures is now over.  This includes Perry, Crusader, Great War and Artizan.  Call or email Terry for prices.


13 Apr 15

Thanks to everyone who joined us for theTabletop day.  It was a great success with over 60 people participating this year.  Here are a few pictures from the morning session.  More pictures are available on our facebook page.


12 Mar 15

Boardgames: We carry an extensive number of board games in the store. Check out the new tab above.  Some of the companies include:
ZMan Games,
Queens Games,
Fantasy Flight,
Flying Frog.

A more complete list will be posted soon.

Don't forget to call Terry to sign up for International TableTop Game Day on 11 Apr.


10 Feb 15

In stock Perry miniatures Updated

North Bay Games and Hobbies will once again be  involved with International TableTop Game Day 2015 on 11 Apr 15.  Stay tuned for more information on both our website and Facebook page


12 Oct 14

We have decided to continue our in stock Perry Miniature Sale. In stock Perry miniatures

We have also decided to expand the range of in stock miniatures on sale to include Great War Miniatures.  they are on sale for $11.00 each. Contact Terry.

In Stock Great War Miniatures


15 Jun 14

In celebration of summer, we are having a sale on all IN STOCK Perry Miniatures.  We will continue to restock Perry's in the future but thought everyone would need some more figures to paint for the summer. The prices are based on 20% off the old Perry prices.  Quantities are listed on the following list.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Terry.

In stock Perry miniatures


7 Apr 14.

Terry and I would like to thank everyone that participated in international TableTop Day 2014 at North Bay Games and Hobbies this past Sat. If the amount of laughter was any indication, everyone had a great time playing. Over 60 people played in over 25 games from 10 am til 10 pm. We hope that everyone had the opportunity to try games they had never played before.
We would like to thank Boston Pizza and their rep Dean, for making the day a success.
We would also like to thank Wil Wheaton who came up the idea of International TableTop day and hope that our store supporters will follow his podcast.


Here are some of the pictures of the games and prize winners and Terry.



22 Jan 14

Due to the falling Canadian Dollar, some of the prices for historical miniatures have been changed.  Pleas call Terry for current prices.


5 Dec 12

Here are a couple of photos from the Ravnica release tournament where 58 players gathered to battle it out.

The next Magic: The Gathering Prerelease tournament will be Gatecrasher.  We will run a pre-release tournament on both
Saturday 26 Jan 13 and Sunday 27 Jan 13. See you there!!

Perry Miniatures:  Updated List